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Oh What a Year! Bye 2021

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2021 is at a close and I cant help but look back and be proud that I’ve made it but most importantly be grateful to God who has seen me through. As Justine likes to call it, I too shall take stock.

Generally my year has been comme-ci comme-ca kind of year. There were some very high highs and then very low lows but guess what here I am writing to you so surely, life must be lived because #YOLO. What do I celebrate?

The never changing, Almighty and ever living God. He hasn’t given up on me. The phrase nothing we do ever changes God’s love for us and even while we don’t deserve it, He just remains God. Dear Lord, I have no words to say how grateful I am but you know. Thank you.

I started listening midway the year to a podcast to help me better my knowledge of the Bible, “The Bible in a Year with Fr. Mike Schmitz and I’m at day 283 but guess what, we must finish whenever we do. I also did the 54-day Rosary Novena, this one needs extra grace. Some days, I would fall asleep saying it and wake up knowing I have to finish. Twice I had to start again because I missed a day.

The ones we never chose and yet have to deal with; Family. This year has seen more of us leave home and my Dad isnt as thrilled about it but surely it was time. There have been additions to the Kraal, more nieces and nephews for me to call my own. Bujju has been replaced.

My siblings and I

My circle of friends, the siblings we never had. There were times I thought I would die from worry like the time I got robbed but my friends were there for me, sleeping over, hosting me when I couldn’t sleep in my own home and just being them. Lord again, I’m grateful for Jacque, El, Psy, Sham, Immy, Hanna, Winnie……and you.

Girls trip; tubing on the nile

Speaking of friends, my twin El found the one who compliments her and they made their intentions known before God.

Many times we look to the downside of our jobs, of course we hope for better, start side hustles we cannot keep up with, complain and yet we keep at it. Ohhh, I’m grateful that I have something to keep me busy, something that gets me out of bed every morning, something that keeps me alive and looking after me. Oh this year came with its surprises, after having numerous campaigns to have my salary matched to my job grade, it finally happened without me trying. Isn’t God good? Yo!!!! All I kept singing was God’s mysterious ways because why not!

I’m grateful for good health. I’ve had Malaria twice this year and the second time was really bad but I made it out after a week of rest. My brother too is walking again after 2 surgeries. God is surely great.

  • Oh this year I graduated and are a certified Diplomat now as I blogged before. With our I enrolled to do a course that is way out of anything I could have ever thought about and while I’m not as excited, I know a new challenge is probably what I need.
  • I climbed a mountain, I’m yet to blog about this one but in summary its all about your mental muscle. Without this, I would have stayed at the foot.Was it worth it in the end? Yes.
  • KOBS RFC won both the League and 7s Championships, So proud of the players, coaches and the fans. It’s been a good year. A huge toast to another.
  • I launched my YouTube channel, Its still a work in progress but I hope that in 2022 I can consistently share.
Mt. Moroto

I’m in a better place than I was at the start of the year regarding my Finances not after reading and watching the Smart Money Woman. I reduced my debts and I made a promise to myself that I would be debt free by 30. I guess I have 8 months to go. I also made a resolution not to buy any new clothes this year and I’m proud to say that with the impulsive shopper that I am, I’ve only managed to buy 3 dresses that I absolutely needed. Any others were gifts and I gave out quite a number. If there is something in my closet that you would like, shout and I’ll send it if it wasn’t taken.

I would have loved to be debt free by the close of the year but life doesn’t always go as we plan.

I lost a special friend over something I’d consider trivial and till date I’m still yet to figure out why and if I didn’t love selflessly but I guess the Season had come to a close.

The robbery still gives me nightmares and sleeping is hard. I’m still grateful to God for his protection.

I wish I’d done more for the community but I hope next year will be better. If you have any ideas do share.

I copy the words of Laker Fiona ( in her latest blog post and say, “For 2022, all I pray is that the year is kind and easy. That it extends grace and kindness to me every step of the way. That the things my heart seeks find me and that I will not lack in any good thing and that I will be able to discern when to stop and catch my breath. Happy New year folks.

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