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Letter to Mum… #2

Oh Mum, its been a while since I’ve written. I guess the last time I couldn’t even do it and a friend helped. Lutgard penned down my thoughts in this piece…..

Oh Mama, I still miss you immensely but guess what, your daughter hit the third floor. I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am to God for this far he has brought me. Many a time I needed you when the world was a harsh. However, I can truly say that it was all part of God’s perfect plan for my life.

The one thing that I’ve really wished and prayed for this year was for you to have been here to witness a little miracle; a true blessing; the birth of a prince. Mama, your title would officially have changed to Grand Mother or Jajja Girl or whatever name stuck. It’s been a life changing experience but would have been more satisfactory to have your smile and have you share in these precious moments. Oh he looks a lot like Ivan by the way. If this will change, I’m not sure.

If only you and I could just take off time, sit and appreciate the last 3 decades and what they’ve brought and taught your little daughter; your bright little girl. Mummy-time for me to just share my joys but most importantly my fears for the next decade. You probably would have the answers or maybe not, but it would be perfect.

I continue to pray that the Lord grants you eternal rest and allows his perpetual light shine upon you always. Oh, before I go… recently a friend’s child was rushed to hospital with Meningitis and it reminded me of you. I thought it was one of those conditions that were almost extinct and yet 19 years later, it still exists. I hope I can do something in this line to impact even one heart. So help me God.

Until next time, Bye Mama. Keep resting well.


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