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Letter to Mum… #2

Oh Mum, its been a while since I've written. I guess the last time I couldn't even do it and a friend helped. Lutgard penned down my thoughts in this piece..... Oh Mama, I still miss you immensely but guess what, your daughter hit the third floor. I can't even begin to express how grateful… Continue reading Letter to Mum… #2

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Let the Walls Crumble! Daniele Steele wrote, “The Bravest thing I’ve ever done was fall in love a second time.” Every time I have come across this phrase, I am reminded of a friend who said to me, “The problem with you Murriel is you aren’t vulnerable enough.” This is our topic today. VULNERABILITY! According to the Oxford… Continue reading Let the Walls Crumble!

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I do not regret having Loved!

I do not regret having Loved. I do not regret giving the best version of my self willingly and consciously or the times when I embraced people's flaws and loved their imperfections. Recently during Mass the priest said, "If you're not ready to love to a point of abandonment or shame, then probably you're not… Continue reading I do not regret having Loved!

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Rolling over the bridge was almost heaven.

Courtesy Picture: Meganli Earlier this month, a fellow afroblogger Makaitah wrote a piece that had the whole community stretching their usual limits to reach out to her. We later had a club house session and in summary I applaud her courage, her ability to be so authentically honest. She encourages everyone of us to… Continue reading Rolling over the bridge was almost heaven.

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Atleast you were not hurt: Toxic Positivity.

Space where my TV once stood. I have heard so many phrases said repeatedly like Rest in Peace and I figured it must really feel terrible. Little did I know that the words, "Atleast, you were not hurt", could affect me so vehemently. On the 25th Day of August 2021, I woke up to a… Continue reading Atleast you were not hurt: Toxic Positivity.

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Born In Africa!- August rush #4

This afternoon we had the monthly Afrobloggers meet up and the topic this month was "Rebranding Africa Through Storytelling." The challenge lay in bloggers using their platforms to tell the African story enabling us to change narratives, create an impact and also create movements in portraying the beauty and potential that is Africa. As I… Continue reading Born In Africa!- August rush #4