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Waiting on the Lord! Why is it so hard?

Waiting on the Lord! Why is it so hard? I've been asking God why is it so hard to wait. Is it even possible to completely let go and Let God or somewhere in our inner minds we are always looking for a way to get it done quicker, to find the solution right away,… Continue reading Waiting on the Lord! Why is it so hard?

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The Toxic One! Church Ministry!

Imagine waking up one morning and your father says, you are no longer welcome to his house because you came home past curfew last night and he goes ahead to ask you to pack up everything you own and leave. "Go and find your way., "he commands. The shock, pain, heartache that hits you at… Continue reading The Toxic One! Church Ministry!

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God is not a soldier..! At the start of lent and during, we are normally expected to fast, pray and give alms. Fortunately for me, I had for most of January and February been fasting and praying intensely for different reasons and with different groups that i belong to. So lent draws near and my cell group leader suggested… Continue reading God is not a soldier..!