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Oh What a Year! Bye 2021

PC: Facebook 2021 is at a close and I cant help but look back and be proud that I’ve made it but most importantly be grateful to God who has seen me through. As Justine likes to call it, I too shall take stock. Generally my year has been comme-ci comme-ca kind of year.… Continue reading Oh What a Year! Bye 2021

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Let the Walls Crumble! Daniele Steele wrote, “The Bravest thing I’ve ever done was fall in love a second time.” Every time I have come across this phrase, I am reminded of a friend who said to me, “The problem with you Murriel is you aren’t vulnerable enough.” This is our topic today. VULNERABILITY! According to the Oxford… Continue reading Let the Walls Crumble!

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Sway Sway Turn; Culture and Fashion Week

Courtesy image. Last week I was dared by a friend to showcase my sense of Fashion during this week. While I contemplated how to do this, shared a post on why Black is the ideal color when it comes to making fashion statements and this sparked a conversation within the community and so… Continue reading Sway Sway Turn; Culture and Fashion Week

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Atai Aloka, A Proud Atesot!

P.C Nicholas Bamulanzeki This morning as I contemplated on what I'd write about for this week, my Dad on our family WhatsApp group sends a message saying, "I love the name Atai. Don't ask me why." Being an African child, the first thought that comes to my mind is, What does Daddy want this morning?… Continue reading Atai Aloka, A Proud Atesot!

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The Toxic One! Church Ministry!

Imagine waking up one morning and your father says, you are no longer welcome to his house because you came home past curfew last night and he goes ahead to ask you to pack up everything you own and leave. "Go and find your way., "he commands. The shock, pain, heartache that hits you at… Continue reading The Toxic One! Church Ministry!

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Let’s Talk Menstruation Over Dinner 🍽🥂

Today the world celebrates Menstrual Hygiene Day and I join in on the celebrations. However we are far from the joyous mood that most celebrations entail. We mourn because Period poverty remains a stumbling block.We mourn because culture still controls the perception around periodsWe cry because girls with special needs and disabilities disproportionately do not have access… Continue reading Let’s Talk Menstruation Over Dinner 🍽🥂

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Best Relationship Advice

#Day 7 #UgBlogMonth Challenge Relationships are the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected and we have different types from Family, Friendships, Acquaintanceship and Romantic relationships There is so much to say about relationships but i'll go straight into the pointers using music as an… Continue reading Best Relationship Advice