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I do not regret having Loved!

5 Tips for Avoiding Regrets About Love | Psychology Today

I do not regret having Loved. I do not regret giving the best version of my self willingly and consciously or the times when I embraced people’s flaws and loved their imperfections.

Recently during Mass the priest said, “If you’re not ready to love to a point of abandonment or shame, then probably you’re not ready to love at all.” Of course he spoke about a love like Jesus’.

Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane cried out to God knowing all the pain and shame that was coming his way and while he wanted the Lord to take away the cup if possible, he still surrendered to what the will of the Father was. He let go so the mission could be accomplished.

In this walk of life as my friend Tim ( calls it, we meet people of all kinds, different yet perfectly crafted by God, broken yet still simply beautiful. What do we do? Embrace them? Yes Yes. There is a reason for the crossing we like to say and perhaps this should be our mantra. On the downside however, our paths may not necessarily be bound the same way and for numerous reasons.


Many a time, our hearts cannot take the diversion. Either we cannot stomach the aches or we believed that it would be forever. Thomas Hobbes argued that human beings are by nature selfish and while his reasons were different, we could borrow a leaf. If we understand this fact, we then lower our expectations of the masses.

This doesn’t imply that it will be easy or that the pain will be any less than the previous time, No. It also doesn’t mean that we should love any less. The ridicule and scorn, the stone throwing and rejection, the pain and heartbreak usually come with the package. Do we relent then? I think not.

The beauty is that you loved as you should. With total abandonment, without reservation. The other end of road shouldn’t be your concern. Yours is that you crossed that road to meet them, that you stretched out your hand first to touch them and that you embraced them like forever is the place. I still choose Love. I do not regret having Loved.

12 thoughts on “I do not regret having Loved!

  1. Help me Lord to always give my very best no-matter what. I want to look back and be proud of myself knowing that I gave it all.

    This is a great reminder. Thanks Atai

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  2. Regretting love means it was not love, love is from the heart but today we use the brain and go about emotions with a lot of logic. There is no pure love, there is no true love, there is no half love but love is just love. It’s either it or not

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  3. Love is a choice and decission. It should not be limited to emotions. Emotions fade with situations and circumstances but decissions and choices remain for they are consciously made by mind and heart. Thanks Atai

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