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I will smile again

It has rained this evening.
Elephants and Buffaloes
Such a welcome addition to my already sombre day
I long to run out naked
Like we did as children
A run to freedom
Without the added restriction that is clothing

I longed to run out so my pain could be swept away
For the ache within to be washed down
The tears entangled in the drops 1 2 3 and I still want more
The ice pellets falling on the roof reminding me of the chaos
The constant noise in my head
Noise that is my thoughts wondering
What more could possibly go wrong.

The rain is coupled with a violent wind, like it knows the storm inside
The war waging within
The shattered pieces of my heart falling into a bottomless pit

If only I could shut my eyes
Sleep the pain away but my brain won’t cooperate
Thoughts run far and wide, high and low
To the moon and back

I woke up and sung praises to my Lord today
My heart was soothed but just for a moment
At least I got to forget the crumbling walls
And I heard the words “IT IS WELL”
Brings me to tears but I know
It will be well

I am reminded again that just like the rain will stop So will my pain
And I will smile again
Like the rainbow at the end of a storm
Therein lies the promise of Joy.

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