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…the one

The one I loved, chose someone else.

The one I tolerated was so insecure I couldn’t breathe.

The one who loved me I chased
My insecurities couldn’t allow me accept him.

Another loved me too much, I suffocated.

The one who took care of me wanted a change of religion.

The one who gave me perfectly raunchy nights gave them to someone else TOO.

The one who wanted children with me belonged to someone else first.

The one who was proud of my achievements was too young.

The one who was patient with all my madness was too old.

The one who did everything right, couldn’t stand my ambition.

The one I gave my heart broke it countless times.

The one I chose to take little steps with only wanted a fling.

The one In whom I found peace friend zoned me.

But there is one who couldn’t believe I had chosen him.

Who is the one…..!

Patiently waiting on the One that will tick all the boxes. The one in whom i’ll find peace.

This morning on the Afro bloggers platform,, we had a very enlightening conversation on finding the right partner and somewhere in between my fingers met the keyboard of my phone and the above came out. I was asked to publish it and so here is. Each scenario above is a testament to a true life scenario and in between my blogs, I’ve written about some of these experiences. More will come with time. You might be struggling with identifying the one and hard as it may seem, I’ve learned that If it gives you Peace, then most certainly that is. We just have to know what actually gives us Peace.

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