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Will Tech replace Humans ever?

Tech will replace humans so they say. Recently we heard of the sex robot dolls that could do house chores. I found an article by Claire Reid on the same.( Where the buzz died down is a story for another day.

Then came “Ross” the world’s first artificially intelligent attorney. We humans get so engrossed in or jobs and responsibilities and forget that somewhere someone worries away at making your life easier or erasing it completely.

The world is evolving, companies and organizations are adapting to the change, we are embracing it, embracing technology but that is coming at a cost too. Work that could be done by 5 people has been merged into one because a certain system can now do the same work at an even faster rate. While work is getting done much faster and probably more efficiently, I believe the human factor is still needed.

DSTV and my bank send me countless messages that I ignore all in the name of embracing technology but when they give me a call, my desire to keep using them is reignited. When policies are changed and they call me to explain I feel valued rather than sending me an email notifying me of changes in tariffs and I’m left frowning at my computer feeling cheated and undervalued.

In the organization I work for, every time a customer writes a complaint. The first instinct is give them a call to understand, empathize, avoid the unnecessary back and forth that is numerous emails and also to act on the issue very fast. Would a computer be able to fully comprehend this? Can we get there? Is this where we are headed? Will there be a time when the human factor will be unnecessary?

So while the storm is here and seems not to have a speed governor, experts ae confident artificial intelligence will  operate hand in hand with humans. The value humans bring to the table will still be necessary.

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12 thoughts on “Will Tech replace Humans ever?

  1. There is certainly a bit of humanity that robots con never emulate. But in their defence, it seems like we are now becoming so attuned to throwing our humanity away to feel the difference when robots come in🤷🏿‍♀️.

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  2. Currently, increasing automation reduces the portion of total income that goes to workers, diverting more and more money into the pockets of the rich who own the machines. But as we have seen, this ultimately diminishes demand for their products, as the majority have less and less money to spend.- Yanis Varoufakis in his Talking to My daughter about the economy or How Capitalism Works and How it Fails

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  3. Good one Muriel
    As sad as it can be, we seem to be replacing humanity with technology.

    Truth be told, I miss physical meetups and all the vibe that comes with it.

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